time flies

John thinks that time passes faster the longer we live. I’m not sure about that, but I think time just passes really fast. I remember talking to Hari when he was finishing up last year, and he was talking about how it’s not even that nothing happened in between, so much happened, and yet it all seemed to pass so very quickly.

Okay, I am here to publicise two things. Firstly, let me help Renee do some shameless advertising:reneerightspellingHee, this is not the official release poster because her mummy wants to make sure that her face can be seen clearly so they know who renee is. xD So especially if you’re a NUS High School student, grab some friends and come watch a good senior recital.

People not from NUS High who are curious, senior recitals are part of every music major’s graduating requirement. It is free for all the people attending and mostly cost alot for the studets/their parents because they have to do all the poster printing and provide food and things. So if you want to enjoy a night of good music that will not cost you anything, just head on down at that date and time! I’ll definitely be there. (:

Second thing to publicise (for those who did not see rachel’s comment 2 posts earlier):


I think that this is a very honest and fair reflection of the entire scholarship experience, and it’d be good and interesting for all people my age, standing at this crossroad to read the article, but be warned, it is long. (:

Why does Mr. Allan have such an early deadline for the college essays? ):

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    “Second thing to publicise (for those who did not see rachel’s comment 2 posts earlier):”

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